Systems are any tools that process, store, and connect information. This includes security, data access efficiency, platform standardization, and cost effective system and/or cloud based solutions. The options available in this regard are vastly more extensive and far superior than they use to be. Cloud technology has allowed organizations the ability to access data from anywhere and provide increased piece of mind with creative data backup solutions. We now offer a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product. It is a cloud based product designed to monitor vulnerability, threat, event, risk assessment, and change management within an organization’s system infrastructure.

So there are a lot of options available today. When implementing a systems solution we take into consideration your unique needs as an organization and custom design a solution that is appropriate for you. 

Servers & Networking

Server Installation & Management

We will install your onsite or offsite servers, manage data backups, redundancy, mirroring, load balancing, uninterrupted power supply so that you can provide high levels of availability to your business customers. Don’t want to get into all these investments? We partner with Amazon to provide you a scalable solution to commission or decommission servers, manage backups and also archive your old data. Not comfortable with cloud? We have agreements with Data-centers who will store your data.

Server Upgrades

We can maintain your servers, do periodic upgrades and housekeeping while making sure business continuity is not affected. We also provide options to remotely manage your servers, so that we can complete server upgrades during offpeak hours and monitor server health.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Our VOIP products from our partners provide conferencing, web meeting, internet telephony and other low cost telephone solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Google Apps

Partnering with Google Apps has allowed us to offer our customers tools that have been proven to improve efficiency and allow access to critical business information from anywhere. Whether its Email, Calendars, Documents or files stored on the Google Drive, your information will be fully backed-up, secure and at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

Office 365

We have partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of Microsoft Office to you anywhere. Office 365 is the same Microsoft office you have known for years, but taken to another level with cloud based technology. You can access your Outlook, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Power Point presentations etc. from any computer or mobile device.


Antivirus Software

Protecting your computer from malicious software and internet scams is a must.  We have partnered with Anti-virus companys to be your one-stop-shop for Anti-virus protection.  Whether you need to protect one computer or an entire network, we can help you.


If you have sensitive information stored on your computer or network, or young children at home, then a firewall can help protect you.  We can offer you firewall software for personal computers and networks, and firewall hardware for large networks.

SSL Certificates

Protecting sensitive data transferred over the internet is a necessity in the digital age, where there is the ever present threat of identity theft.  We provided SSL certificates to add a layer of protection so that any data you send is encrypted.



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