Sales & Marketing Applications


E-Business systems allow our customers to more efficiently and effectively execute their day to day business. Systems like MRP, ERP, Inventory Management, Invoice and Receipts Matching are examples of some of the applications in which …Read More

Lead Management, Sales Pipelines

Allows for effective management of sales leads. Ensures 100 percent follow-up, customized categorization of lead logs, and is an effective tool to get your sales team on the road. You can measure performance of your …Read More


Sell your products online, run promotions, show inventory in real time, get orders, take payments – let us help setup your store on the internet. An online store in combination with proven services like Google …Read More

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows you to build relationships with your customers long before the sale, nurture them during the sale, and maintain them long after the sale. This increases the likelihood that your customers will come …Read More



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