Applications are any tools that allow our customers to gather, access, organize, and manage information that is relevant to efficiently running their business. This includes software development, web applications, business analytics, and organizational/management applications. The best indication that an application is effective and worthwhile is if it pays for itself by improving efficiency thereby reducing costs. Our first priority is giving our customers exactly what they want and earning their lasting satisfaction, so the type of application they desire and it’s efficacy to their organization are ultimately to be determined by them. However we have learned through experience that for most organizations utility, efficiency, and cost take precedence and thus this is our focus unless instructed otherwise.

We build custom applications and have prebuilt applications that address a wide range of needs common to all organizations.

Sales & Marketing Applications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows you to build relationships with your customers long before the sale, nurture them during the sale, and maintain them long after the sale. This increases the likelihood that your customers will come back again and again. A CRM does not need to be a high dollar project. Give us your budget and let us provide you with an IT solution that helps manage your customer relationship. Based on your budget, we will either custom build a solution for you or provide you with solutions from our CRM partners like Salesforce and Microsoft.


Sell your products online, run promotions, show inventory in real time, get orders, take payments – let us help setup your store on the internet. An online store in combination with proven services like Google Adwords, enables a business to increase traffic to its site and move product without the sizable overhead incurred by brick and mortar ventures.

Lead Management, Sales Pipelines

Allows for effective management of sales leads. Ensures 100 percent follow-up, customized categorization of lead logs, and is an effective tool to get your sales team on the road.

You can measure performance of your sales team through a sales pipeline. In case of long sales cycles it is important to make sure that your sales team maintains and nurtures a healthy sales pipeline. It enables you to measure your closing rates, changes in probability, and is a good way to keep your sales team motivated by providing feedback and accountability.


E-Business systems allow our customers to more efficiently and effectively execute their day to day business. Systems like MRP, ERP, Inventory Management, Invoice and Receipts Matching are examples of some of the applications in which we are proficient and experienced. Let us know your problems and we will custom build a solution just for you or provide one from one of our partners.

Market Analysis

Survey Development

An effective survey is not just a bunch of questions, it is a scientific tool that can provide vital information. We have trained survey design professions skilled in formulating surveys that utilize proven survey techniques while incorporating an enjoyable element, which helps with completion volume. Getting a market survey before launching a new product or after a product is sold can have a huge impact on your future sales and in your product development.

Customer Study

Studying customer behavior to an advertisement, a particular type of packaging, the position of a product on the shelf etc, can provide insight into the effectiveness of a marketing strategy. We will work with you directly to design the right customer study plan and also conduct it utilizing mobile and Internet technologies.


how are you doing compared to your competitors? How do your internal costs compare to the industry standard. Benchmarking  studies are expensive, because it takes a combination of technology, subject matter expertise, and data collection. Utilizing available technology we can help you conduct these studies yourself, while keeping the costs within your budget.

Competitive Analysis

A defining characteristic of capitalism is competition. It forces organizations to provide products and services that are unique. So it’s often the case that staying ahead of your competition isn’t necessarily as important as differentiating yourself from your competition. A competitive analysis can provide clarity on how to add value and gain a competitive advantage. We use technology to scan the Internet and gather competitive intelligence, so that you can work on distinguishing your product or service from your competitors.

Management Information Systems

Business Analytics

Big data and high performance computing (HPC) are not just buzzwords. They are also not something that only big companies can utilize. With social media such as facebook, twitter etc, customers are continuously expressing their thoughts about your product or that of your competitors. Our business analytics products and custom built solutions are capable of analyzing high volumes of transactional or internet data and text, while partners of ours such as Amazon’s S3, EC2 and MapReduce, provide the infrastructure that enables you to run your next Business Analytics or business intelligence project. We will either build a solution or use our partner’s products to provide you the right BA solution that fits your budget.


Custom Report Generation

If manually creating reports is taking up valuable time and creating inconsistencies in the reports you are creating, we can help. We will work with your software vendors to get access to the data and use it to generate custom reports for you. Our data warehousing solutions will provide you the flexibility to keep using your systems without worrying about reports. We can use crystal reports, custom web based reports or PDF reports based on your business needs and your budget.


As the name suggests, we will create the cockpit charts to see how all components of your business are doing. Our competency in creating dashboards in simple tools like excel to complex products like custom web-based dashboards will create the perfect cockpit report for your business.



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