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How We Are Different

Introducing Innovation

Innovation by definition is something new or an improvement upon what is already there. It is an essential component of every solution we design and implement. Innovation is for everyone. No company or organization is too big or too small and no budget too limited. We make innovation affordable for all.

No square pegs in round holes

EnvisioIT is a service and solutions oriented Technology Company based out of northern Indiana. Our emphasis is utilizing technology that directly addresses the needs and problems of our customers thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their business strategies and operations. We don’t want to just sell our customers technology, we first assess their current situation and base our recommendations upon what we find.

Service with a smile

The services we offer are meant to address the full spectrum of technical needs an organization may have. Years of experience in the IT world, in addition to partnering with trusted IT vendors, makes us uniquely qualified to find the most cost effective solution. We find the balance between meeting your budget and still optimizing the effectiveness that the latest in technology allows. We understand that, for most companies, technology is not an end in itself. It is simply a vehicle that better allows an organization to focus on what it does best. Our applications, systems support, and design are meant to make it easier to bring what you do best to the world.

Invitation to collaboration

By listening and working collaboratively with our customers we ensure that any work we do has our customer’s lasting satisfaction as it’s end result. So you can be confident that when we walk in the door there is no preset agenda. We exist because we offer solutions that are needed.



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